Aerial Drone Video & Imaging

Advanced Video & Digital Services uses only professional grade quad copters to record and capture your video & still images.

Usually we use a DJI Inspire 1 dual remote control platform which is one of the top rated UAS systems for quality and safety.

We can record your video & images at up to 4k ULTRA HD

Also, we are FAA registered and compliant and will supply our N - numbers upon request.

Here at AVDS we have been offering aerial video for over 25 years.

Having to hire and charge for expensive helicopters or other aircraft is almost eliminated in most cases.

Now we can provide excellent aerial video & photography at a fraction of the previous cost.

We are adding new services to this emerging market almost weekly.

Here is some of what we offer

Golf Course Aerial Tours

See Web Video Here

Golf Courses, Real Estate, and Resorts

Site Surveys & Inspections


Search & Rescue

Power Line Inspection

Solar Panel Inspection

Firefighting & Law Enforcement

Special Events

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9607 Watergate Rd. Charlotte, NC 28270